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Your office move can make a difference

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we guarantee that 100% of recyclable effects collected will avoid landfill by either being redistributed to worthy causes or by being ethically recycled.



You’re moving premises and you don’t want to take it all with you - what do you do with it? You might be downsizing, upsizing, or merging your premises, and you have more furniture and effects than you need or they’re just not right for your new premises. 

Are you having a brand refresh or refurbishment? The furniture is in great condition but not quite right for your brand anymore you know it has plenty of life left in it, here are some options we can support with:




Whatever the reason, we can help you get everything out of your business premises, and we mean everything, from desks and chairs to shelving, IT equipment to confidential paper waste. 


Before anything goes anywhere, we work with you to create a clearance plan. 


Everything that needs relocating will be perfectly safe and anything for recycling or reuse will be out of your way, you can trust that we’ll make sure nothing ends up in a landfill and any confidential waste is managed securely. 


Wherever your business is, whatever the size of the project, from head offices to individual branches to retail outlets, we’re on hand to help you clear everything out. 




  • Dismantling and removing office furniture.

  • Confidential waste clearance.

  • Secure disposal of IT equipment.

  • Donating unwanted furniture and equipment to local Schools, Charities and small start-up businesses.

  • Recycling / re-using or re-purposing unwanted furniture and equipment.




We do our best to re-home as much furniture and unwanted tech as we can, there is absolutely no reason why furniture and equipment which is clean and functional cannot find a new purpose in another organisation.


Over the years at Russell Fewins, we’ve seen reused furniture and tech items put a smile on the faces of children, teachers and teams who have benefited from much-needed additional resources.


“I would like to send thanks on behalf of St Thomas More High School to your client for their extremely kind donation of the office chairs and stacking chairs … I would also like to thank Russell

Fewins for organising and delivering them to the school”

 “Thank you so much for making all the arrangements and to your client for their kind donation of the booth, the 6th formers ‘love’ it! Their faces were a treat when they saw they had some posh furniture. It’s used every day for study lessons and for break/lunchtime and chilling out.”

“We have seen the cost of everything we buy increase at such a rapid rate this year, and donations like this make such a huge difference to the money we have to spend on resources for the children. We are also very grateful for your generosity in delivering these items directly to our school”’

St Thomas More High School



What if the furniture or equipment has had its day and won’t be any good to anyone? Whether it’s damaged or not fit for purpose anymore, it might be tech that’s been sitting in a cupboard and is no longer in use or compatible with current operating systems, recycling is the answer.


As an ISO9001/2015 company and licensed waste carrier, we’ll provide an audited certificate detailing the specific recycling process used for all items you no longer need. You can be sure of exactly where your waste ends up, whether that's being recycled or reused and you’ll have the paper trail to prove it.

  • Can you provide a rough estimate or a quote over the telephone?
    We offer a free-of-charge survey which means we can provide you with a fixed-price quotation. By physically visiting the site we can carry out an accurate assessment of the premises, for example; the size of lifts, access to the building, parking restrictions etc., this then enables us to pre-empt and take into consideration any potential challenges or special requirements that could be involved, to avoid additional unanticipated costs further down the line. Every move we carry out is different, by carrying out an in-person assessment, we can better understand your specific requirements and provide the set of services that you need, such as packing, dismantling of furniture, IT migration, and space planning to name just a few.
  • How much notice do we need to give?
    It’s never too soon to contact us, we’d recommend you involve us at the very beginning of a project. This will allow you plenty of time not just to execute the project, but to make sure all the planning is in place and decisions are made on time. You may also find that we can offer you other valuable services such as refurbishments, fit-outs, space planning and new furniture, or even dilapidation works if you are at the end of your lease that you haven’t yet considered as part of the moving process. Please be assured we will always try to accommodate you, as we know from vast experience, it’s not always that easy or straightforward and a lot of our clients have moves and property-based projects landed on them last minute… We will always do our best to provide you with the best possible solution.
  • Are you able to carry out moves at the weekend or out of hours and would this involve an additional cost?
    Yes, we can definitely fit your brief, and yes there would be an uplift in cost for out-of-hours removal services. We are a National Living Wage employer and pride ourselves on reminding the team that they’re part of the Russell Fewins success story. Most of the team have been with us for the 25 years we have been in operation and we believe in remunerating them fairly.
  • Can you assist with our packing and unpacking?
    Of course, we supply specialist crates for both your IT and filing, often carrying out sequential packing and unpacking for our clients. We have a team on board who can also decommission and recommission your IT hardware.
  • Is there an additional cost for insurance?
    Regular liability insurance is included in your quotation, this covers you for the condition of the goods today (on the date of relocation), please refer to our terms and conditions for further information. Our Landlord has requested we return the office space to the pre-occupation condition, is this something you can assist with? Yes, we provide a comprehensive dilapidation service.
  • We are looking to fit out our new office space, is this something you could help us with?
    Absolutely! We can assist you with all services, fit-out, refurbishment, space planning and furniture supply. We can even remove your existing furniture and re-use or recycle it, we ensure no recyclable items go into landfill. Take a look at all the services we offer.
  • Do you carry out risk assessments?
    Our surveyors are trained in risk management and whilst undertaking your relocation survey will also be making detailed notes on potential risks and hazards. We will be able to offer you a complimentary office move Risk Assessment and Method Statement for all works that we undertake.
  • Do you offer storage?
    We have our own secure storage depot and can coordinate safe storage solutions for your project. Our warehouse storage facilities are CCTV monitored 24 hours a day and protected against fire by detection and alarm systems.
  • What professional accreditations does Russell Fewins have?
    There are several relevant accreditations that are important to look for when deciding on a relocation company. For your peace of mind, Russell Fewins Ltd is a member of the BAR (British Association of Removers) Commercial Movers Group (in fact we were awarded Commercial Mover of the Year 2023 by the BAR). We are also Safe Contractor Approved, hold BS8522 Quality Assured Certification for Commercial Movers and are ISO 9001-2000 accredited.


Waste Carrier Licence Number: CBDU154589

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