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Rethinking the Status Quo and Embracing Sustainable Business Practices

We had the privilege of attending Kirsteen Harrison of Not Sustainable’s thought provoking presentation on Sustainability at the British Association of Removers Conference 2024 in Glasgow.  Her insights were both eye-opening and inspiring, challenging us all to rethink the status quo and embrace sustainable business practices.

Kirsteen emphasised that the current model of widening inequality, a throw-away society and living beyond our planetary means is simply not sustainable.  She urged us to try something different and work towards meaningful change.  Her approach focused on understanding our business impacts, prioritising the most significant areas and taking actionable steps to reduce the bad and elevate the good.

One key takeaway was the importance of measuring and addressing our carbon footprint, starting with quick wins like switching to renewable electricity and tackling other areas like fleet emissions and heating.  Kirsteen also highlighted the need for transparency and avoiding greenwashing, stressing the importance of accurate, clear and substantiated green claims.

 Perhaps most inspiring was her call for collaboration and community engagement.  She encouraged us to explore opportunities for collective action, learning from others and making a positive impact in our local communities through initiatives like apprenticeships and operational support for charities.

The presentation was a powerful reminder that sustainability is not just an environmental issue but a holistic approach to responsible business practices.  Her vision for a more sustainable future resonated deeply and we left feeling motivated to take action and be part of the solution.

 In Kirsteen’s final slide, she shares a poignant quote by Robert Swan, Polar Explorer, OBE: 


You may recall us referencing this impactful statement in previous LinkedIn posts. Building upon its significance, we're excited to highlight several initiatives we've undertaken to align with this ethos:

  • A new and exciting collaboration with Dartford Borough Council to facilitate access to quality furniture and IT equipment for local charities, groups and voluntary organisations, generously donated by our clients. Russell Fewins provides a database and operational support in storing and delivering these donations as needed.

  • Partnering with a local approved Recycling Centre to ensure that 100% of our clients’ recycling avoids landfill. 

  • Transitioning to an approved 'green energy supplier' for our electricity needs.

  • Consolidating our offices into a single area to reduce electric and gas consumption.

  • Adjusting the thermostat down by 2 degrees in the winter months.

  • Adopting electric company cars and implementing a Car Share program for commuting.

  • Committing to becoming a Living Wage Employer.

  • Prioritising reuse and recycling of operational packaging.

  • Prominently displaying 'Think Before you Print' signs on our printers and photocopiers.

  •  Ensuring that all of our company's day-to-day waste is recycled, diverting it from landfill.

Empowering Change Russell Fewins' Small Strides Toward a Sustainable Tomorrow, igniting the belief that each of us can play a vital role in creating meaningful change.

Written by Sarah Russell - credit to Kirsteen Harrison of Not Sustainable for the thought-provoking presentation at the BAR Removers Conference 2024

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