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Celebrating the Women of Russell Fewins - Inspiration for an Inclusive Future

This International Women's Day, here at Russell Fewins we don't just celebrate a few, but all the remarkable women who contribute to successful businesses all over the world. Today though, we shine a spotlight on the stories of Anita Fewins and Sarah Russell, Founders and Directors (and positively lovely women)  of Russell Fewins Ltd whose journeys exemplify the dedication, resilience, and unwavering support they have brought to the business over the past 25+ years.

Sarah Russell and Anita Fewins

Anita and Sarah's friendship blossomed in 1995, and went on to become a thriving business partnership in 1998 when they launched Russell Fewins along with their husbands Paul Fewins and Charlie Russell .  Together, Anita and Sarah navigated the intricacies of office management in a new business, while still balancing their individual careers too. Their contributions were crucial during the formative years of Russell Fewins, and a special mention must go to Maureen (Sarah's Mum), whose financial backing and invaluable business acumen played a pivotal role in shaping our early success. Her mentorship empowered Anita to take charge of the financial aspects of the company that she manages so professionally in our business still today.

As our company flourished, both families expanded, welcoming children. Anita and Sarah demonstrated remarkable determination, resilience, and dedication to the business, returning to work soon after childbirth. Reflecting on their journey, Anita and Sarah both express a deep sense of fulfilment which is rooted in shared values, an unwavering work ethic and an enduring friendship. Their commitment to empowering women in business shines brightly through their 25+ years of mutual support and collective success both in their business and for their employees, suppliers and clients too.

Beyond these inspiring individuals, Russell Fewins takes pride in being an accredited Living Wage Employer. This commitment ensures all our employees, regardless of gender, receive a fair wage that reflects the cost of living.

Anita, Sarah, and all the women at Russell Fewins are living testament to the power of inclusion and collaboration. Their stories inspire us to #InspireInclusion not just today, but every day, by actively fostering equitable and supportive environments where everyone can thrive.

Here's to the remarkable women who shape our world, and a future where diversity and inclusion are celebrated and embraced.

And today International Women's Day here’s to Anita and Sarah too - thank you for being you from all The Team at Russell Fewins

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